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    'Folk' Tony Curtis the everyday, the quirky, the downright extraordinary, poems collection from 2011

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    'An Elephant Called Rex' Tony's Children's Poems. This link will take you to Rex's own website.

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    'The Well in the Rain' (2006) brings together work from six previous books

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    "Sand Works" Photographs by Liam Blake with haiku by Tony Curtis (2011)

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    'Pony' (2013) Tony Curtis and David Lilburn. published by Occasional Press (2013)

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    "Aran Currach" Photographs by Liam Blake with haiku by Tony Curtis (2013)

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    “Approximately in the Key of C” Tony Curtis lastest collection

Tony Curtis collections:
Approximately in the Key of C (Todmorton, Lancs. UK, Arc Publications, UK, 2015);
Pony [Illustrated by David Lilburn] (Occasional Press, 2013).
Aran Currach [Photography by Liam Blake] (Real Ireland, 2013).
(Todmorton, Lancs. UK, Arc Publications, UK, 2011);
An Elephant Called Rex [Illustrated and designed by Pat Mooney] (Dublin, Black Hills Press, 2011);
Sand Works [Photography by Liam Blake] (Real Ireland, 2011).
Days Like These [with Theo Dorgan & Paula Meehan] (Brooding Heron Press in Washington State; a fine art edition, editing and design by Sam and Sally Green, 2008);
The Well in the Rain (Todmorton, Lancs. UK, Arc Publications, 2006);
The Book of Winter Cures (Dublin, Black Hills Press, 2004 [Limited Edition]);
What Darkness Covers (Todmorton, Lancs. UK, Arc Publications, 2003);
Three Songs of Home (The Dedalus Press, 1998);
This Far North (Dublin,The Dedalus Press, 1994);
Behind the Green Curtain (Beaver Row Press, 1988);
The Shifting of Stones (Dublin, Beaver Row Press,1986);