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What Darkness Covers

This is a beautiful and haunting book, full of things remembered and half-remembered, strange resonances emanating from the Irish landscape and way of life, and the poet's insight into a poet's existence.

"Compassion and remarkable imagery combine...but always paramount, insight into the human heart."
Weyfarers 95

"Tony Curtis makes beautiful poems – compassionate, funny, elegiac. He's a song master, a riddler, a humdinger. He honours Samuel Beckett and his Granny with equal gusto. His Black Hills of Balrothery are as far-reaching as the Himalayas and he sees great distances from the peaks of both. But he is also a poker under rocks and a hoker in hedgerows; he finds a universe in a grain of sand. He is unique in contemporary Irish poetry, foraging and forging the uncreated, breaking all our hearts."
Paula Meehan